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My name is Lisa and I am married, and a mum of 2 boys.

After serving as a nurse for almost 20 years, in 2019 I made the decision to retire from the profession after a period of ill health due to stress, to follow my passion as an Holistic Therapist & Energy Healer after seeing the difference it made in my life and to my health.

Since completing world class self-development courses and witnessing the change that mindset can make to your life, my wish was to teach this to my kids in a fun way. During “Lockdown 2020”, (and with encouragement from some wonderful friends), I created “My Happy Mind Activity Journal” which I am so proud to say has been sold world wide and can be purchased here.

My deep desire is for all the children who are given this journal become happier and more confident in their beautiful lives!

My Daily Positive Quote Calendar allows it owner to start their day in a beautiful way with a meaningful and beautiful quote that can be used year after year!  Maybe you can find a quote in there from someone you might actually know too.

I have since become the first person in Northern Ireland, to my knowledge, to become a Certified Practitioner of Emotion Code and Body Code where I have already helped so many people and animals, around the world, heal their bodies from the root cause of their “issue” to allow them to feel better and experience a better life.  In  2023 I then became the first person in Ireland to become certified in the new amazing modality called the Belief Code where I have witnessed even more phenomenal changes in my clients lives and I would love to help you too.

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