Heart Walls

Heart Walls

Simply put a “Heart-Wall” is an energetic wall that our subconscious has built around our heart to protect it when we are going through a particularly difficult time e.g heart ache, trauma


Each “block” in this wall is a negative trapped emotion, and 1 by 1 we will remove these, over a series of sessions, and it has been found through thousands of heart walls being removed from Certified Practitioners, that people may experience:

  • More love in their life – both giving and receiving
  • More success – in school, business, life, financially, relationships, confidence
  • Feeling more peace – feeling lighter, more optimistic, less sadness and anger
  • Improved health


Dr Nelson estimates that approximately 93% of people have a Heart-Wall…. Do you?


I personally have removed numerous heart walls from children and adults and the results have been amazing from people immediately feeling lighter, feeling freer, behaviours changing (for the better), and abundance starting to flow again


Let’s start removing your Heart-Wall and see how life changes for you – click here.

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