Mindfulness is the practice of being present, in the here and now, without judgement.


We can practice mindfulness anywhere and everywhere…


For example:

  • Eating
    • look at your food
      • what does your food look like i.e. what colour is it, is it smooth, rough, etc?
    • take a bite
      • think about the texture of it in your mouth?
      • how does it taste?
      • are you eating on one side of your mouth more than the other?
      • how many flavours can you taste?
      • is it hard, soft, tough, chewy?
    • swallow it
    • can you still taste it?
    • how does your mouth feel now?
  • Walking
    • notice the ground under your feet
      • is it hard or soft, smooth or rough, clean or dirty?
    • look around you
      • what can you see?
      • can you hear anything e.g. insects, animals, children, traffic, the wind in the trees?
      • are there trees, bushes, flowers, buildings, roads, paths, decorations around you?
    • take a deep breath
      • can you smell anything?  Is it pleasant?
      • does the air feel hot or cold?
      • are you breathing through your mouth or your nose?
    • notice how you are walking
      • how do you lift your leg?
      • what part of your foot touches the ground first?
      • what footwear do you have on?
      • what does the ground feel like under your feet?
    • notice the weather
      • is it hot or cold?  Where can you feel the temperature more e.g. on your head, back, face?
      • is it raining?  How heavy is the rain?
      • is there a breeze?  Where can you feel the breeze e.g. on your face, legs, back or side of your head?
      • is the sun shining?  Can you feel any heat?
    • Sitting
      • where are you sitting?
      • are there any sounds that you can here?
      • is the ground/seat under you comfortable?
      • what can you feel touching you right now?  Where is it touching you – bottom, back, neck, legs, feet?
      • what temperature is it?
      • what are you wearing and how does it feel – loose, comfortable, tight, cosy, light?

It is a quality we all have and as our mind is like a muscle, we need to consciously practice mindfulness often (to begin with), for it to become a natural response and to see the greatest benefits of it in our lives easily.

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