Think Calm Be Calm was born during the first lockdown of 2020. At that time, I was homeschooling my two children while navigating the adaption of my Holistic Therapy business to go online. As a holistic therapist working face to face with clients,  I discovered that more and more parents were struggling while homeschooling, trying to work from home and managing the stresses they were experiencing in their lives due to lockdown. Their children, in particular, were, understandably, finding it difficult to understand why they were unable to see their friends or family. Their whole world had been turned upside down.
My personal/self-development journey was no secret to those around me. Being an accredited meditation teacher meant, they started reaching out asking if I could help or give them suggestions on how they could manage better at home to create a happier life again and reduce their current stress levels.
I developed ‘My Happy Mind Activity Journal’ during the first lockdown and gave my children different activities that I have included in this journal to see how they enjoyed them. The feedback I received was that they wanted to do more!
Unfortunately, the occurrence of children with mental health problems is very high a present and continuing to rise.  I decided the journal would be a way to make a difference for some children and their families. So with encouragement from friends, I created and self-published my journal which has now been sold worldwide via Amazon and this website.
I have been so grateful for all the feedback that I have been given from children, their parents/guardians and teachers that have purchased the journal. I frequently receive feedback about how much this journal has helped their children and that the children are thoroughly enjoying it. Those children who don’t usually like to do homework’s or studying, especially love this journal. This was exactly my goal. To teach children in a fun and interactive way that they don’t see as work.
What’s next for Think Calm Be Calm? My plans for the future are to create more journals for all age groups and other products.
I have also created a 12-week course for adults which not only helps improve their mental well being, it provides simple tips and techniques on how to create a calmer and happier self. It also covers mindset, meditation, mindfulness, and most importantly, how to integrate it into your life easily. Science-backed evidence proves that simple changes can create huge and positive changes in our lives.
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